Dermae Product Launch Brunch

January 15, 2024by LaRussa0


The Dermae Product Launch Brunch took place at the Skybar in The Mondrian Hotel, located in Hollywood, CA. The event featured our stunning “Secret Garden” flower wall backdrop created with blush pink and lavender stem roses, garden roses, spray roses, lisianthus and a touch of peach peonies with textural green leaves. A branded custom laser cut sign creating by our team made the installation visually appealing. Floral arrangements following the flower wall’s aesthetic were also provided for the tables, bars and entrance.

Attendees were treated to a lavish brunch experience while learning about Dermae’s latest and most innovative skincare products. The Dermae Product Launch Brunch was a successful and engaging event that showcased the brand’s latest skincare products in a visually stunning setting. The luxurious brunch experience provided attendees with an opportunity to learn about Dermae’s offerings while enjoying the ambiance created by our team. Overall, the event effectively highlighted the brand’s commitment to innovation and luxury in the skincare industry.

Our goal is to create bespoke experiences and provide an immersive and memorable experience for our clients and their guests, ensuring that every detail is carefully planned and executed to perfection.

Our flower walls are meticulously custom built and curated by our expert in house team. Each wall features a sturdy wooden base with added weights for stability, allowing for the mounting of signage, shelving, or product displays. We use only the finest top quality silk florals and foliage to create a truly unique aesthetic.

For more information, about our flower walls and arrangements in Los Angeles, CA – please feel free to browse our website or check out our Instagram @flower-gypsies.
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